Monday, May 26, 2008

Sometimes when I need to get away for a few minutes, I read Celebrity Baby Blog. It is kind of fun and just lets my mind wander. Anyway, today I read something from the rapper Xzibit (about whom I know nothing) whose newborn son just passed away. They had a quote from his myspace page and it just really touched me. I wanted to share it here.

"Xavier passed away this morning at 3:30 a.m. and I must tell you this; it is unnatural for a parent to bury a child. I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when I'm having a great time, life is too short to be fake. Hold on to your kids if you have them, protect them, and show them you love them every day you wake up and see them, don't take a second you get to hug them, teach them, and care for them for granted. You can have all the material wealth in the world, but it is NOTHING compared to having your family.

I am thankful for all of my blessings and I'm not one to question God's perfect plan, so I leave you with great love and thanks for all the love that was sent earlier on my previous blog to my son. Of course I need to take some time and handle my loss, STAY FOCUSED PEOPLE. It's not promised to any of us."

No matter where we are in life, we all share this need to love and be loved. We are all similar in more ways than we're different. This is what I am learning as I get older.

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kma said...

Oh, that is so well said. Those thughts have been on my mind this past week as well. We were in preshool with sweet Maria Chapman. What a tragic loss!