Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another day

Wow, what a morning. Luke woke up about 4:15 and was wide awake. Stephen was already up and Jordan was in the bed with me. Well, I tried to let Luke lay down with me, but since Jordan was there, he just wanted to play. He kept putting his feet on Jordan and "talking"to him. It was pretty funny now that I look back; it was NOT funny at the time. So, I got up and took him to Stephen about 4:45. Well, that didn't work either. And Stephen had to get ready for work, so we just all got up at 5:00. Nice. Luke actually fell back to sleep in the recliner with me, so we both took another nap, but I know I will be feeling it at about 1:00. Oh well. Comes with the job I guess. As I was sitting in the chair holding Luke, I decided to not be too mad about him waking me up to hold him. What more could a mother want but to be unconditionally loved by her baby? Anyway, it was pretty sweet.

Claire ended up having a great day at school. She was talking 90 miles a minute when I picked her up. She told me everything about her day and can't wait for her first full day tomorrow. Luke and I are pretty excited, too!

We had some major discipline issues with Jordan last night. He didn't even get to go to church. Stephen stayed home with him to get him to bed on time. I had to go ecause I teach the 4yr olds. Every other Tuesday, our Bible study group meets from 6:30-8:00, so they don't get to bed until at least 8:30. Their normal bed time is 7:30, so that makes for a pretty rough Wednesday. Next Bible study, we are going to see how it works if we meet at 6:00. I know it will probably help with the issues with Jordan. He just can't stay up late two nights in a row. And I hate making him stay home from church, because I want him to know that is a priority for us. But last night there just wasn't another option. Anyway, he seemed fine this morning.

Don't forget to count your blessings today. "My cup runneth over." Have a great day everyone.


Danny Proctor said...

I'm so glad Claire's first day turned out great! I worried about her all day ... and you. I know it was traumatic for everyone. They're growing so fast I can't believe it.

Much love,

Elizabeth S said...

Hey Dad. I commented on your blog. Write more.

Becky said...

Whew... I sure do love these kids, but sometimes Jordan can pitch a fit