Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First day of school!

Well, Claire started school today, but it didn't go anything like I thought it would. Luke woke me up at 6:00, which was good, but then we both fell back asleep on the couch till 7:00, which was not good. So we were kind of rushed. We still made it on time, but it was close.

Claire has been so excited about school and being in Mrs. Bargatze's class that I thought it would be a breeze, but I actually left her screaming. Not sure why she didn't want to go, but she didn't. I finally told Mrs. Bargatze to just take her and I had to make a fast getaway. Anyway, they haven't called me, so I guess she is okay. She never does that, so I am not sure why she did it today, but I know that once we get into the swing of things, it will go much better. She loves school and the idea of being big is really fun. I told her if she does well today that I would take her to get ice cream after I pick her up.

I took a few pictures and will post those later. Have a good day everybody!

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Danny Proctor said...

I'm so sorry Claire got upset. I never expected that at all ... I'm sure you didn't either. I'm sure tomorrow will be easier. I'm anxious to hear how it went. Ice cream always helps any situation. Too.