Saturday, September 09, 2006

Surprise date night

Stephen and I are taking a parenting class at church called Growing Kids God's Way. We took it two years ago and it really helped our family, so we decided to go through it again. Anyway, during the class, you have date nights where all the couples in the class have a potluck dinner. On the schedule it was supposed to be last night, but we missed the second week of class when they announced that it was actually next Friday.

So, we already had a babysitter at home so we decided to have a date anyway. It was probably the best date we had had in a long time. We didn't have anything already planned, so we just went to Jason's Deli and ate dinner. We sat outside and just talked, took our time eating, talked some more. It was so nice. Sometimes we forget that we still know how to talk to each other, even when we aren't talking about work, the kids, etc.

We found out this week that a couple who has become some of our good friends is separated. They are going to counseling and are very hopeful that things will work out, but it is still scary. It is so easy for Satan to slip in and make you think that everything is okay and that you don't really need to spend time together. You don't really need to make an effort in your marriage; everything will take care of itself. Well, it won't.

I am so thankful for my marriage. Stephen and I entered into our marriage knowing that it would not be easy and that it would take lots of work. Both of our parents are divorced and we knew that the odds were against us. So we look at everything differently, I think, than if our parents were still married. We know that things don't always work out like you plan. That having been said, I am blown away sometimes that God brought us together. We still love each other so much after ten years together. We love being together, talking, laughing, being with our family. We truly are best friends and I can't imaging my life with out him. I am just so thankful that after all this time we still love and like each other. It is truly a blessing.

Take some time today and tell your spouse how much they mean to you and how much you love them and are thankful for them. It won't be a waste of time and I know they will appreciate it. Never take for granted that you will always have each other. Take time to work on your marriage and make it everything God intented it to be and wants it to be. Also take a minute to pray for our friends and others you know who are going through trouble in their relationship. It will mean so much to them.


Stephen Shirley said...

Yeah. Friday night ranks pretty high on dates in the past ten years. In a lot of ways, it felt like one of our dates from before we married. THe best part of the date was coming home and praying in the car for 5-10 minutes about all of the things we had talked about in the previous hour and a half.

I too am amazed at our marriage. I never doubt the love we have for each other. Sometimes it's the "like" part of the marriage that is the hardest part.

(This is proving somewhat difficult to type as I sit in the recliner with Jordan beside me and Claire draped over trhe arm running her hand in front of the computer screen.)

Anyway, I love you with all of my being. You have truly been a gift from God. Thank you.

Becky said...

Well I enjoyed being your baby-sitter on Friday night. Joey did also as he learned that he can in fact be authoritative.
You guys have a wonderful family and are a great example for what a marriage should look like. Joey and I love look up to you guys a lot. One day I hope that we can have a family that loves each other as much as you all do.