Saturday, December 16, 2006

Last few days

Can't you almost hear this one?

This is a new face he likes to make.

I just can't get enough of this face!

He loves this plane.

My little artist. She loves to write and draw more than anything else.

Jordan loves to climb and run more than anything.

Is this not the sweetest picture you have ever seen? They love each other so much!

My big 7 year old! I can't believe how fast it has gone.

Luke loves to get dirty! So fun.

As you can see, I am a truly blessed woman. I can't get my mind around the fact that God loves me this much. It truly blows me away that I actually have the family of my dreams. It is really better than I ever imagined it would be. Take time today to enjoy the family God has blessed you with. There is nothing quite like it!


Stephen Shirley said...

Dear God,
What have I done that you would consider me worthy of such wonderful blessings?

Danny Proctor said...

I second that one, Steve. But for myself. You are more than worthy and so is that wonderful wife of yours. But ol' Granddaddy just cannot believe the blessings that come my way through this beautiful, sweet and precious family. Those pictures are just priceless. Thanks for posting them, Bibee.

I love you beyond words.