Thursday, June 21, 2007

Here we go again...

I realized today that God is getting me ready for another journey. I have no idea what this one is about or what He wants me to learn. I just know that He is calling me. I know He wants change. I know He is pursuing a relationship with me in a way that I have never known. Not that He hasn't called me before, but that I haven't felt it in the same way before. Hopefully, I will continue this journey and not drop it like I have done so many times before. And hopefully, I will be able to share my journey to help someone else.

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jtcosby said...

I am with you friend. I'm feeling called too. Today, I didn't do so much in the listening area...still working on that part. TRYING...not as hard as I should...but I want to be are special...and LOVED!!! Love you!

Oh...on a different note...right Oprah.
It works.