Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sweet Claire

First of all, Claire got bangs! She has been begging me for quite some time. I have always had bangs, and I have also always wanted to not have them. So, when I had Claire, I said that I would never let her have them. Then I realized how silly that was. She loves them! Today, after her telling me for the 1000th time she wanted bangs, I said, "Why do you want bangs so bad? Who has bangs that you like?" She looked at me with that classic Claire look and
said, "Duh. Y-O-U!" I melted.

Second, I don't know how well you can tell in this picture, but Claire has been going around the house and finding things to give as presents. She has wrapped them all in construction paper, and written "To (name) from Claire." Yesterday, as she was wrapping, she said, "Mom, know what my favorite part about Christmas is this year? Giving presents. Because giving is more important than getting." Took the words right out of my mouth, baby girl.


Anonymous said...

The bangs are precious! Please tell Claire that I had to look at her picture twice, I didn't recognize her. She looks so grown up.

Anonymous said...

anonymous = Will's mom (sorry)

Mandy said...

How cute is Claire!?!? And she is such a good mixture of you two! She's precious - and I love it that she's getting the season of giving! That's amazing! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!!

moshieraj said...

What a sweet girl! You are very blessed. I love her bangs!

Anonymous said...

How sweet!!! Aren't girls wonderful. They can make a mother's LIFE. So glad you have two and boys are wonderful also.
Love, Darlene Gentry