Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fashion Fast

I came across this blog today and wanted to pass the idea along. Everyone I know has MORE than enough of just about everything. Stephen and I have noticed that even in our situation, with him not working full-time yet and our money being EXTREMELY tight, we still have more than enough. What would it be like to not shop for a year? How would it change our views on what we think we "need"? Would we realize how wasteful we are? Would we realize how incredibly blessed we are? It really has me thinking. We have turned off our satellite, cancelling the Y, eating out (this one has been the hardest for me), pretty much everything that we can cut out, we have. I must say, it has been good.


Party of 5 said...

how did you cancel sat., we have been thinking about doing that. but aren't we in a contract probably? just wondered if you were? call me if you dont want to respond on here

Elizabeth S said...

Lydia, I'm not actually sure, because Stephen handled it, but I'll talk to him and let you know.

Mandy said...

Bravo Shirleys!! I applaud you for taking steps to spend and waste less! Keep us updated here!