Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My husband

I often take for granted how wonderful my husband is. But tonight, I was at a baby shower and got to spend some time with some of my very best friends and was so thankful to have a break for a couple of hours. I got to thinking how lucky I was to have a husband that was so helpful with the kids. Stephen's grandmother talks about how proud she is of Stephen and the way he helps me. She said that she loves watching us with the kids because we always seem so happy. While we have times that aren't so happy, we know how blessed we are.
But I also know that all husbands don't help as much as mine. All husbands won't do whatever they need to do so they can support their families. All husbands don't give their wives all of the breaks Stephen gives me. And the best part is not that he gives me those times, but he does it happily and without complaining.
I know that he feels like he has let me down is so many ways. I know that he feels like we should be in a better position financially. But I wouldn't trade what I have for all the money in the world. I feel like our experiences and our challenges that we have been through have made us who we are today. I know that they have made me trust God more. I have learned that He always provides what we need and always at just the right time. I have learned that money and things aren't important. I have learned that every minute I get to spend with my children is a precious gift, and I need to thank my husband for allowing me and wanting me to have that dream.
Honey, I love you more than words can describe and I thank God everyday that He blessed me with you. You are what I have always wanted and needed. There is a song that I hear on the radio sometimes that says, "When God made you, He must have been thinking of me." That captures my thoughts exactly. I love you.


Stephen Shirley said...

Wow. What a way to start my morning off after reading your post. I hope you always know how much I love you. It think those lyrics ACTUALLY belong to me about you. ;)

I love you babe.

Malia said...

Hi Elizabeth! I saw your post over at Phil's place so I came by to check your blog out.

I love this post about Stephen! It's always so wonderful to see wives being complimentary of their husbands instead of bashing them! I have the same situation with David. He willing takes over with the kids so that I can get some much needed "me" time either by myself or with the girls at Bunco or a night out. While I always have my cell phone with me just in case he needs me, he never calls to tell me to come home or that he can't handle something with the kids (like I've witnessed other husbands doing to their wives). And I totally appreciate the sacrifices he has made so that I could (for the most part) be home with the kids.

(BTW, I'm not working for Karen anymore...she just needed someone who could give more hours. I'm sad but it's working out alright for us.)