Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Our small group

We just got home from our small group Bible study. We have been meeting for 2 years now I guess. I can't really remember when we started because I feel like I have always been friends with them. We love our group so much. It is so nice to be close to people who have kids around our kids' ages. We study the Bible together. We pray together. We have common goals when it comes to raising our kids. Our kids are getting to grow together. They even have their own Bible study time. I just love them so much. They help me grow in more ways than they probably even know. We talked tonight about how we can become even closer spiritually, holding each other accountable and praying for/with each other more. I feel like God is getting ready to do something amazing with our group. I am not sure what that is yet, but it will be fun to watch. I am so thankful for you guys! Thank you for opening your lives to us.


Mike Jones said...

I am glad you brought everything up in our small group. I have been meaning to try to get all the guys together to talk about doing some sort of accountability group. I feel it is one of the things that will help me to be closer to God if I can share my struggles with a group of men that I trust. I know that it can only bring our small group closer as well.

Jennifer pullias said...

We are so glad to have the small group, especially since it started so soon after we moved back to Murfreesboro. Good spiritual friends are good to have. Thanks for your blog. It is a good way to keep up with you when we are too busy to talk.