Monday, May 22, 2006

The weekend and other thoughts

Jordan completed his first soccer season on Saturday. He was so fun to watch. He decided to really get into it for the last game. He scored several times and really had a great time. We were supposed to go to the zoo today with our friends, but the weather is keeping us home. I think we are going to postpone the trip for a couple of weeks.

I have been thinking a lot about how I am raising my kids. Most people would say they are pretty well-behaved and use their manners, etc. And they do for the most part. But I feel like we have only been teaching them the "outer behaviors". I don't feel like we are really getting to their hearts and teaching them why they need to behave a certain way. We don't tell them why they don't need to complain or argue (Philippians 2:14). We don't tell them why they have to respect others. They know some Bible verses, but for the most part, when they ask why, we just say "Because I said so". And while they need to learn to obey without arguing, I feel like if they knew the purpose behind the things we tell them, they would be more inclined to want to obey. I want to teach them to love God, love Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and to love the Word. Maybe I don't love God the way I should and so I can't teach my kids to do it. I can tell them all the right things, but unless they see me living it out, it won't connect with them. I guess the saying is true: actions do speak louder than words. Maybe God is teaching me not to complain and argue when He tells me to do something. Until I learn the lesson for myself, I probably won't be effective when teaching my kids. I just long for them to be passionate lovers of God. I long for them to have a heart that longs for a relationship with Jesus and has an unquenchable thirst for his Word. I want them to know how deeply God loves them so they will want to love him back."We love because he first loved us." Maybe I should be praying these things for myself first, and then my kids will see them in me. Then I can teach them. Just some thoughts that have been weighing on my mind.

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