Monday, March 17, 2008


Tonight, while I sit at the computer, I am listening to different sounds. The dishwasher, the dryer, Claire's nebulizer. Her allergies kicked in today after missing her allergy medicine Saturday night. And all these sounds make me realize one thing...I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. God is so good and He is so real to me.

I have had to go back and revisit the question, "Why do I believe in God?" I have reconnected with a girl that was in our youth group in White House, TN. Her beliefs have changed dramatically. I don't think I could breathe without my relationship with God. I honestly don't know how someone comes to the conclusion that He isn't real or doesn't exist. But I also need to be able to tell people why I believe what I believe. So I am working on it.

What I do know is that He is real, His word is truth, and you can trust Him. Everytime in everything.

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Wil, Lil and Jil's mom said...

Hey, missed your singing on Sat. eve, we had a good time. Will's allergies kicked in today, too! You gotta love March. Hope school is going well. I CANNOT understand either how someone can support their thought that God might not exist. Luv ya