Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to normal...

Well, the kids went back to school today. The house is so nice and quiet. I haven't had to settle any arguments today! It has been pretty nice. They were ready to go back. Especially Jordan. He was about to explode by the time we got to school. Claire was okay. She said she had too much fun at home, although you wouldn't know that while she is here. Anyway, I am glad they like school. I can't imagine having to make them go everyday to somewhere they didn't like.

We are all pretty much over our colds. Although mine is hanging on a little longer, but that is due to the pregnancy. I am also having this really bad back pain, but I guess this comes with the territory. Other than that, I really can't complain. I am on track with weight gain, the baby's heartbeat is good and strong, I am not sick at all anymore. Everything is going really well. As for the name update, we have decided to not officially decide on a name until the baby is born. Since we aren't finding out the sex beforehand, it is really hard to pick a name and stick to it. So, we are waiting. We will go to the hospital with some ideas, but nothing will be set in stone until the baby is here. It is getting really crazy and exciting around here!

Well, that is about all that is going on here. I am just waiting for the washer repair man to get here. Other than that, it is a pretty quiet day. Luke is about to eat lunch and take a nap; I will get to view my Bible study video while he is asleep. Then we will go get Jordan and Claire from school. Gotta love life!

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Daryl Pike Photographs... said...

Everytime I hear names that I think are cool I think I want to let you know but I haven't. I have decided that I like the name Jackson for a boy. It seems to be a name that you might like but it may be one that Stephen doesn't like. Anyway ... I do like the names that you've picked out for girls. No matter what the name is I know it will be a good name and it will be another precious grand child for Danny. He is soooo excited about having grand children and your 3 so far are the apples of his eye. He loves every minute that he can spend with them. Anyway that's my input. I'm glad that you're not sick anymore and I hope that the rest of of your pregnancy goes well without anymore problems.