Monday, January 15, 2007


Okay, I am about to lose my mind over naming this baby. I feel so stupid. First of all, I am totally taking the fun out of being surprised over the baby's sex. So, I am mad at myself about that. And I can't imagine not having a name already picked out before the baby is born. The baby will come out and what will we say? "Hi, sorry we didn't name you, but all the good names were taken!" or "Hey, Daddy and I couldn't agree on a name, so you shall remain nameless for the rest of your life!" It is really driving me crazy! Can you tell? Is it obvious? I would post the list of names we like, "like" being the operative word, but I know you all are sick of hearing me talk about it. I am just losing my mind and needed to vent a little.


Frog Princess said...

There's no real reason to be angry with yourself about finding out what the sex of the Baby is. If you think about it it's a durprise no matter when you find out. You are just as clueless at 22 weeks than you are at birth and it is a great experience no matter when you find out. As for naming the baby you are poutting a ton of stress on yourself. You said you are a Christian well so am I and I would advise for you to relax and wait on the Lord's leading. Try focusing on what attributes you want the child to have. Grace- Grace or the greek meaning for Grace is Karis- our daughters name. Timothy -servent of God Isaac-laughter and so on. My husband is a pastor and we both went to Bible college.
Also don't look at knowing the baby's sex as ruining a surprise because you were surprised weren't you? Look at it as a way to pray better for your child. I.e specific problems that each gender faces. We haver found out for both of our kids and have found it to be a real blessing. Keep your chin up and son't stress out. Don't loose focus on what's most important God and his work.

Elizabeth S said...

What I meant by taking all of the fun out of it was that I promised my husband that since we found out on our other three, we could be surprised with this one and I am kind of being ugly to him because of it. Which is really silly since he gave in to me the other three times. I actually started praying that God would show me what to name this baby, so I am going to just wait on Him to show me. If it is after the baby is born, that's okay. Thanks for your comment!

jtcosby said...

I want to see the list. I love baby names. I am all about making sure your name is unique but not freaky. That was my goal...I failed miserably on two of the four...the boys names are so common it is truly annoying...but the girls names came out great! I think you are doing fine, don't expect too much out of are a mom already and that takes up a quarter of your brain each time...don't forget will be deleted from your memory as soon as this baby is born...but you can reread it, it is in print...ha! :)