Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yucky day

Well, I guess I am staying at home today. The weather is gross, not fun to have a 20 month old out in. I have plenty to do here anyway. Luke hasn't been sleeping very well. Well, he has been sleeping okay, but he won't stay asleep in his bed. Which to me is weird because at night all we have to do is lay him down and he goes to sleep on his own. But when he wakes up in the night, he won't put himself back to sleep. So he tossed and turned and punched and kicked us all night. Needless to say, Stephen and I are both pretty tired today. I guess now that Becky is gone and I am not worried about waking her up, we will just have to let him cry it out. He used to do really well, so I think he is just testing us.

I don't have very many goals for today. I still haven't cleaned my bathroom. It is really hard to clean a bath tub when you are six months pregnant. I may just clean the sink, toilet and floor and leave the tub to Stephen. Although, I am picky so I probably will just do it myself. Stupid, I know. I guess the other goal will be just playing with Luke. We will be home all day so we should have plenty of play time. Try to enjoy this rainy day!

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