Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mary and Martha

I am reading a book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. It is so good. Last night it was talking about Martha and how she wanted everything to be perfect when Jesus came to her home. She loved Jesus and wanted to shower him with hospitality while he was there. When Mary didn't really care about what the house looked like or how quickly the food was on the table, Martha got frustrated. It wasn't that she didn't also want to be at Jesus' feet. I thought about how that is true in my life. Sometimes, I can feel God calling me to spend time with him, and I say,"OK, I'm coming. Just let me get this load of laundry in the washer and the beds made, and I'll be there." I get so busy with my "ministry" that I miss the relationship.

I do consider being at home and taking care of my family my ministry. I love doing things for them, providing a clean home, clean clothes, dinner on the table, etc. And I do think when I am doing those things that I am also doing them for God. But at the same time, I sometimes think that doing those things defines my relationship with Him. In reality, those things that I do should be the result of my relationship with Him. They should be the overflow. I am learning more and more that the relationship with Him comes first; until that happens, nothing else really matters.

I don't know if this makes any sense, but hopefully it did. My goals for today:
1. Straighten the house
2. Returns at Old Navy
3. Cancel YMCA membership
4. Keep going over my "truth cards" about money
5. Spend time at the feet of Jesus

Have a great day!


will's mom said...

Love that you are doing this, that is so true that if the relationship is not there with God, then nothing else really does matter. Keep going with the daily goals, that is a great idea! What are truth cards, sounds interesting. Perhaps I need a set.
Have a great day! I wish you didn't have to cancel the Y, but I understand.

jtcosby said...

That is a beautiful post! I appreciate you! SO MUCH! I need to regain my relationship with is so good to hear what you have to "say". Thank you!