Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My cup runneth over...*update on Bennett below*

First of all, let me update you on a couple of sweet babies. Please pray for Bennett tomorrow; the plan is to extubate him sometime tomorrow. It is so amazing to think that he is over a month old and his parents, Travis and Kelly, haven't heard that first cry yet. Pray for him to have a restful night so that they may hear that sweet cry they have been waiting for. Also, Copeland Farley is still here and doing well. I continue to be amazed at that family. Everytime I go to check their blog, I think that it couldn't get anymore amazing, but God is working in that family. Tonight we are praying that she stays pink and has a restful night. Simply amazing.

As for me, I feel God working in my life like never before. I can't believe that he is using a tiny, 4 pound baby named Copeland, whom I have never met, to change me. But then again, I can believe it because my kids are everything to me. And I know God wanted me to see how blessed that family is with Copeland; why shouldn't I act blessed with my kids? Why shouldn't I treat them like the greatest blessings in the world? Thank you, Boothe and Conor Farley, for sharing your sweet family with me. I will be forever changed and grateful. I know that whatever comes my way, I am blessed. God is good. So very good.

UPDATE: Bennett had other thoughts in mind when he wanted to be extubated. Last night during the shift change, Bennett yanked his tube out and the nurses found it on the floor. He is now on CPAP, the next step towards coming off assistance all together and doing great! Apparently, CPAP is annoying to the babies, so he is agitated, but they are thrilled to be here at this point. It was kind of like God letting Bennett do the honors of removing his own tube!

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Mary Alice said...

Crazy day today - I promise I will email you soon!!

Just wanted you to know that I sent Boothe a link to your blog. I believe that your words will encourage her. Keep on praying!!

Love you!