Friday, September 07, 2007

Praise the Lord!

The latest journal entry on Baby Bennett was good. For those of you wondering if prayer really makes a difference, go to and read the latest journal entry. Keep praying for his heart and lungs. This morning as I was nursing Campbell, I just couldn't get Bennett off my mind. Everytime I hear of a baby, child, or anyone really who is so sick and having so many problems, it makes me want to fall on my face in gratitude for the blessing of my healthy children. They were all born early and could've potentially had so many problems. I don't know why I, of all people, have been so blessed. It is certainly nothing I deserve. Remember Bennett today, and also our family friend Robert Coss.


jtcosby said...

Isn't that great news? :) I was so excited last night when I read! I commented on their blog...hope they dont mind...

hugs...oh, landen JUST got sick again...UGH!

Mary Alice said...

hey! we missed seeing you too! i was looking so forward to being there - and to meeting campbell!

phillip has now migrated from bed to couch, but is still feeling horrible. i just hope it was something he ate, although he does feel warm - probably a virus which can only mean one thing. jack and i are next. i will be lysol-ing everything!