Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Suggestions, please...

I am trying to change the way I eat. I don't want to call it a diet, because I don't see it as something temporary. I see it as a life change, for me and my family. My question is this: does anyone have suggestions for eating healthy on a budget? Healthy foods are so much more expensive. We are on the tightest budget ever and I am having a hard time here. Also, my trainer wants me to eat 5 small meals a day. I don't know if I can afford to buy enough food to eat that much. Also, I don't want to eat if I'm not hungry just to fit the meals in, but that's another post. So, any suggestions you could offer would be great! Thanks.


Becky said...

Eating 5 small meals a day is supposed to speed up your metabolism. After you do it a while I think you will be hungry Joey did it for a while and it worked really well for him. As far as doing it cheaply that is difficult, maybe shop at Aldi for the sales.

Amy said...

how can you afford a trainer? Just wondering:) Kroger and meijers are coming out with their own organic brands now, maybe worth a try. they are a little less expensive. but fresh fruit and veggies in winter...$$$$$

Elizabeth S said...

Hey Amy. We had asked our gym to let us cancel our membership to save money, but they said no because we signed a year contract. They offer personal training with the membership at no extra charge. I figure since I have to pay for it, I may as well use it;)

Snapshot said...

Hi there. I saw your comment on Brandon's blog and made my way here.
I have been on the Sonoma Diet since March and have lost 50 lbs. The reason I've been successful is because it's more of a shift to healthy thinking instead of a diet. Dieting wasn't working. I had to make some major healthy changes. You can buy the Sonoma book at any major bookstore. I've also linked them through my blog. It doesn't call for any hard to find items, just regular food, but better choices. I do a lot of frozen veggies and fruit to help with cost. But you are right eating healthy is not cheap.
I also do a smoothie each morning that is packed with good stuff. That recipe can be found on my blog as well.
For me it had to be about getting healthy. Then the weight started coming off. I have to live healthy not live a diet. And I eat 3 meals a day with one snack.
I tried doing the 5 small meals a day and it just made me concentrate on food too much. All I could think was what do I get to eat next.

Christy said...

I did Weight Watchers and they are more of a lifestyle change than a diet. It's about making better choices, eating less, etc. Eating more fresh fruits and veggies has been huge for me when it comes to weight loss. I eat lots of carrots personally and the really fill me up and that's considered a small meal. We enjoy celery and peanut butter (healthy fat). Smaller portions has been so big for me as well.

I saw someone suggest Aldi's or other discount grocers. So often if you look through you can find fruits and fresh veggies for a fraction of the cost as bigger chain grocers. Also although it's November check out any farmer's markets.

Measuring food helps and keeping a food journal. It may seem very intimidating, but it works! When you see how much you're eating and just WHAT you're eating it can make all the difference. If you take one BITE of a food write it down!

Use smaller plates. Eat a serving/meal and if you think you're still hungry wait 20 minutes, it takes that long for your brain and stomach to register that you really ARE full...if you still don't feel full after 20 minutes grab an apple.

When buying fresh fruits, prepare them right then. Cut up the melons, wash fruits like grapes and apples immediately, wash your fresh veggies and have them cut up and then put them in baggies or containers that are small enough for a serving and then when you want a snack or that extra meal grab it!