Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Boy, oh boy

Man. When something hits me, it hits me hard. I have realized today, tonight specifically, how little self-control I have. I can't really explain in detail, but I think God is shouting at me that I cannot live this life on my own. If I truly want to belong to Him and live the life He has called me to, I have to give up my own way. I have to surrender everything to Him, even if it hurts for a while. And the yucky stuff I want gone anyway, well, that will just be an added bonus. Why is this so hard? Maybe one day I can explain more. One thing I do know is that self-control is something I must have to please God. It is something I must have to be able to witness to others. It is something I must have in order to live the life He has called me to live.

So, tomorrow, this is my quest.


jtcosby said...

I love you.

Kelly said...

Hey Girl,
Keep hanging in there. I know you can do it.
Love you and all you stand for.

Emily said...

Haven't heard from you in a while and you're on my heart this morning. Praying for ya, girl. :)

Kym said...

oh, Elizabeth! While reading your post, I couldn't help but think that you are definitely in good company with me friend!!
I know God gets so tired of shouting the same things over and over and over to me!! Russ Gentry always says that he wonders how much easier things would be for us if we would just try and learn what He is trying to teach us the first go round. Maybe one of these days I'll learn to just trust and get out of his way and let him led me...anyway, I don't know your specific struggle but know that I will be praying for you!!
Anyway, it was so weird that you posted on my blog Sunday night...Lori Hagewood (McKinney) was in town and that very night we were talking about blogging and I mentioned to her that you had stumbled onto my blog and left me a note awhile ago and I got home and ta dah...there you are again!! Weird huh?!?! I guess your ears were burning!
Well, I hope you are doing well! I love looking at your pictures...your kids are just precious!!
Take care!!