Monday, July 24, 2006

Great first day

Our first day here was great. We played in the ocean for a while; Jordan learned to boogie board. It was so fun watching him. He had the time of his life! Luke loved the sand, although he loved it a lot more the second time we went out after he learned to keep it off his face. Anyway, in between our trips to the beach, we played in the pool. Claire and Jordan practiced what they learned last week in their swim lessons. Stephen gave me some alone time while the kids were having their rest time and Luke was taking a nap. I got to lay by the pool all by myself. It was so quiet. Dare I say I was bored? But it was nice for a while. I learned that while I am chasing the kids around at the pool at the Y, the top of my legs don't get a whole lot of sun, so they are a little uncomfortable this morning. O well, that is what Florida is for, right?

Last night, we got on what was supposed to be a trolley (they have three, but one was in the shop so we rode a bus) and went around the town. We got off and ate at a restaurant called the Beach House. Very good, but I forget how expensive Florida restaurants are. Or should I say vacation spot restaurants. I think we may have blown our eating out budget for the week. We only planned to eat out twice, but that may have done us in. It was fun, though. We sat outside right by the beach and then we walked to this little ice cream shop. So good! Then we caught one of the actual trolley cars and rode home.

Today we are in for more sun and I think some rain. There is a chance for it everyday, but it is sunny right now. We are really being hit with the fact of how amazingly blessed we are with our kids, our marriage, and just our family in general. Sorry I can't post any pictures, but I will post more later. Have a good day!


Will's mom said...

I am so glad ya'll made it! I know you are having fun! The restaurants are a little pricy! But the view at the place you're staying at, made me not even want to go out to eat! You want to talk about sunburn, I had just enough sun screen at the Y today for Will! And did'nt even think about myself! Can we say lobter is what I look like! Anyway glad you guys are there!

Becky said...

I am so jealous, but I am glad that you all are having a good time. I love yall so much and can't wait to see you when you get back. Oh I am almost all the way in.

Stephen Shirley said...

Today's view isn't as nice. Since we got here, the wind was blowing out to sea. It created big waves and it blew the seaweed away from shore. Today, there is virtually no wind and the seaweed is all coming ashore. That, coupled with the MUCH smaller waves led us to make today the aquarium day.

Plus it gives a day out of the sun to recover.

Danny Proctor said...

So glad you're having a good time.
I had hoped to help you out with some vacation funds but didn't get to see you before you left town. Just know that you'll have some $$ waiting for you when you come home. Eat out again ... this one's on Granddaddy.
Can't wait to see pictures!

Love you,