Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Late 4th!

Hope everyone had a great Independence Day. We had a lot of fun. Stephen's mom and stepdad have a pontoon boat and we were on the lake all day. The kids had a blast! It was the first time they have ever done anything like that before. I forgot my camera, but Becky took hers so I will have to download her pictures. Anyway, when we got home we went to our class party at my friend's parents' house. We shot fireworks, ate, just had a really good time.

Now the kids have gone to Stephen's mom's house to spend the night. Luke is still home with me. He isn't quite big enough to go yet. So, the house is relatively quiet. I am just thinking of all the things I should be doing, but I really don't want to do any of them. So I am just sitting here. Hope everyone has a great day!

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