Monday, July 10, 2006

Job Update

For all of you who are wondering about Stephen's job and his posting for new positions within the company, he has an interview Friday for the position in Westerville, OH. We thought it would be a teleconference, but the Westerville office doesn't have that capability. So, they are flying Stephen out Friday morning and he will fly home Friday afternoon. Please pray that God will reveal His will for us through this time. We are very torn with what is the best thing to do. Stephen keeps telling me that he doesn't have a very good chance with this one having been at State Farm for just a year, but I think he just doesn't want me to worry about moving away. I know his potential and so do the managers that work around him on a daily basis. His direct manager is going out of her way to make things happen for Stephen, so I think his chances are pretty good. But the most important thing for us is staying in God's will. We know that if we do that, He will work out everything else. We covet your prayers.

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Stephen Shirley said...

I don't think my stomach has stopped turning since getting the call about the interview.