Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's official.

Well, we had our first doctor's appointment today. I am officially pregnant, as though you couldn't tell by the way I look. You would think I am three or four months along, but I am only 5 weeks. I go for an ultrasound on the 31st to confirm the due date and check the heart beat and stuff. I have never had an ultrasound that early before, so I am anxious to see what the baby looks like at that point. Should be fun!

If the baby is a girl, we think her name will be Katherine Campbell and we will call her Campbell. We like it because it's different and sounds good with Claire. Katherine was Stephen's great grandmother's name. There are a lot of Katherine and Kate at church right now, so we came up with the other name to call her, although that may change. We are not sure what the boy's name will be but we are thinking Carson. Since we are not finding out what we are having before the birth, there is a lot of time to think about it. Stephen's favorite part : )

My dad went for his ct scan yesterday. It showed pretty much what the doctor thought it would, which was good news. He will find out the results of the bone scan on Friday. Please keep him in your prayers. I know he appreciates it.

Funny story to end this blog. It is about 7:30 right now and we have just put the kids to bed. They go through this thing every night which I am sure all kids do. They need water, then they need to go to the bathroom, then they are scared. Well tonight I told them before they even got in their beds that once they were in them, they couldn't get up for anything. They had their water, went to the bathroom, I said their "good dreams prayer". Lo and behold, Jordan comes walking out of his room and I said, "What part of 'Stay in your bed' do you not understand?" And Jordan replied, "But I am not used to staying in my bed!" We thought it was pretty funny.

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Stephen Shirley said...

I wonder how much we just paid Dr. Huddleston to tell us what we already knew? :)

Oh well, who cares about money when we're talking about our little baby!!!