Wednesday, January 09, 2008

8 things about Campbell...

1. I have about a thousand nicknames, but the most popular are Campbell, Campbell Anne, Campbellina, Cammie, Cam-Cam.
2. I look a lot like my big brother Jordan. Especially the hair.
3. I smile with my whole body. It is precious, if I may say so myself.
4. I LOVE my mommy, so much so that I never let anyone else hold me. Well, sometimes I let Daddy hold me as long as Mommy is out of sight.
5. I will be 8 months old on the 17th.
6. I HATE baby food. Mommy has to put cereal in my bottle so I will sleep at night. I really need to eat food, but I am going to see just how crazy I can drive my mom before I give in.
7. I am still not sitting up, nor do I have any teeth. Seriously, I am trying to drive my mom crazy.
8. I am the sweetest little thing in the world. I have a sweet personality and love to snuggle. Mommy is going crazy, but I have a feeling she wouldn't change a thing about me.

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