Wednesday, January 09, 2008

8 things about Luke...

1. I will be three in June.
2. I am hilarious. Definitely the most outgoing personality of the Shirley kids.
3. I LOVE "Cars." Today, Daddy said something to me and I said, "I'm not Lukey, I'm Lightning." I watch the movie at least once a day. Well, I turn it on, but usually walk away after Life is a Highway, which is my favorite song.
4. I had to have a "Webkinz" just like Jordan. It is a pug named "Muscles Jimmy." Jordan's was named Jimmy, but mine is bigger.
5. I do everything Jordan does. I love him so much.
6. I can be the sweetest little boy on the planet. I can also NOT be the sweetest little boy on the planet.
7. I love strawberry milk. Or as I say, "straw milk." Sometimes I will take apple juice, but not often.
8. I am growing up way too fast, at least that's what my mommy tells me.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

That picture is great. It might be the mental image I get from now on when "Life is a Highway" comes on the radio