Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please, please pray

First, my friend Lissy had her surgery yesterday for the brain tumor. They think they got all of the tumor, which is good news. The bad news is that they don't know what kind of tumor it is, but they do know that it isn't benign. And they also know that it is a rapidly growing tumor. She will have to undergo some sort of treatment, like raidation or chemo, but they will not know anything definitively until Tuesday. Please keep them in your prayers.

Second, my friends Keith and Lydia have been on a major roller coaster the last couple of days. The birth mother decided she wanted to keep the babies, but she is still going back and forth. She is 20, already has a 14mo old daughter, is wanting to go back to school, has no husband/boyfriend and no family in the area. Her friends are trying to talk her into keeping the babies anyway. Please pray for this situation. Keith and Lydia have already gotten their hopes shattered once last year by the birth mother changing her mind. I can't imagine going through it twice. I am trying to see both sides, but right now, I can only see this through my friends' eyes, and it hurts. We are waiting to find out what happened, so as soon as I know something, I will update. Please, just pray.

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