Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Funny Story

We were trying to put the kids to bed tonight. Jordan is the "staller". Claire always just goes to bed and goes to sleep. Jordan is constantly trying to find reasons to get out of bed and NOT go to sleep. Well, he had gotten up about five times, and finally Stephen said, "So help me, do NOT get out of bed again. Go lay down and go to sleep." Jordan replied, "I don't know how to go to sleep." Stephen then said, "Well, number one, stop talking." Jordan waited a few seconds and yelled back in a rather sarcastic tone, "What's number two!?" It was one of those times where the discipline had to wait for the laughter.


Stephen Shirley said...

I learned in school that when making illustrative points, if you use "on the one hand", you need to use "on the other." And if you use Point A, you better have a Point B and probably a Point C.

So it only comes naturally for Jordan to rationally expect a second reason when I said "Number one."

God sure has a sense of humor when it comes to passing on parents' traits to their children. ;)

Daryl Pike Photographs... said...

Art Linkletter was right, kids do say the darndest things! When they say things like that you almost have to wonder who is disciplining who. I bet Stephen will think ahead and have a number two planned before using that again on Jordan. ;-)

BTW, what was number 2???

Elizabeth S said...

I don't think he ever came up with number two. Probably to not get up and walk around. That'll keep anybody awake!