Tuesday, June 27, 2006

just saying hello

We have had some crazy days here lately. We are trying to tighten the reigns on the kids. When we are out they are usually pretty good, especially with other people, but at home they have just gotten out of control. So, we are trying to get a grip on that now before it gets totally out of hand. We have just gotten too laid back and not being consistent and it is starting to show. We broke some bad habits two years ago when we took a parenting class at church, but those things have creeped back into the Shirley household.

Anyway, Claire had her first princess birthday party today. Her friend Ellie turned four. It was so fun. There were seven little princesses at the party. They had their nails painted and got to make a bracelet. Claire had a blast! She loves playing dress up, so getting to leave the house in her princess clothes and make-up was a real treat! I will post pictures of that when I get them on the computer.

We had family game last night. Our kids LOVE to play games, so we told them to go and pick out a game and we would have game night. Out of the 49 or so games in the playroom, they chose to come back upstairs with Twister. That's right, TWISTER!!! Needless to say, I wasn't thrilled, but I think I put on my happy face and played anyway. I ended up having a lot of fun. I think we played about four times. I also happen to have a picture of that, thanks to my husband. I will also post that picture later.

Anyone have any tips on cleaning out clutter? Stephen's sister is moving in with us at the end of July and we have to completely clean out our playroom and move everything upstairs. YIKES! I am really going to enjoy her living here, I just don't know what we will do with all the stuff. Anyway, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

I think God is telling me something.
Elizabeth, you and I have been talking about going over the GKGW stuff.
We have got to do it. I am going CRAZY with the behavior around this house! I am so embarrassed! Please lets do this! Even if we just read it on our on and meet somewhere every other week or so. Even have a meeting via the phone(maybe not)
Anyway just a thought!!! Please lets do this!

Elizabeth S said...

I am assuming that this is Lydia that made the previous comment. Because we have been talking about GKGW. If it's not let me know. I still want to talk about GKGW! Later.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth,

Yes it was me! Sorry to sign anonymous, but me blogger name is dumb, so I changed it and it still shows the dumb one! Dumb and dummer!
Will and I (and Keith) joined the "Y" today. We had soooo much fun swimming. Hope to see you there! Love the blog, can't say it enough! Looking forward to the princess pics of Miss Claire. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST LETS LOOK AT THE GKGW STUFF, SOON!