Saturday, June 24, 2006

Vacation update

I know you all are on the edge of your seats wondering what we have decided to do. We are still going to the beach for our family vacation, but for our anniversary, Stephen and I are going to DC. We had a Southwest gift card that Stephen's brothers had given us for our birthdays and we didn't want to never use it, so I bought the tickets yesterday and we will figure out the rest later. Part of the adventure. We are very excited. Our family vacation will be the first time we have taken a trip with just us and the kids. We usually go with other family. And our trip to Washington will be the first big trip Stephen and I have taken together, so I guess it is an anniversary/delayed honeymoon. 'Bout time after 10 years! Anyway, now we are excited about both trips! Yyyeeeeaaaa!

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Stephen Shirley said...

Compromise. The perfect antidote to the marital "disagreement".

And Elizabeth is right on the mark. We are BOTH so excited about BOTH trips.

My new dilemna: What all to do in three days in DC? My personal thoughts:

Thursday afternoon/evening:
--Enjoy life as adults with no kids
National Gallery of Art, National Museum of American Art, soak up the nightlife in Georgetown.

--Visit all three branches of Govt
White House, Capitol Bldg (Please let Sen. John McCain be in town) and Supreme Court
Then take a long walk down the Mall seeing all the monuments.

--Immersion in history
Museum of American History, National Archives Bldg, Arlington Cemetary, National Cathedral