Friday, June 23, 2006

Vacation battle

We are having somewhat of a battle in our house today about vacations. I love the beach. When I was growing up, that is what my family did for vacation. Yes, I know, there is so much more to do in our country besides go to the beach, but that is what we did. So, I love the beach. I would go there every vacation if I had it my way. Stephen, on the other hand, hates the beach. His idea of the perfect vacation would be to go to Washington, D.C. While that sounds fun to me, it is not a trip I want to take with a 6,5,and 1 year old. It just sounds tiring to me. I am writing to get opinions. Am I crazy to want to go to the beach all the time and relax? I want to do those other things, too, but I would rather wait until the kids get older. So does this mean that we don't ever take vacations when they are little because he doesn't want the beach and I don't want D.C.? What do you think?


Stephen Shirley said...

Come on folks. Surely you agree with me. ;)

I can "relax" at home. If I'm going to spend more than $50 to go on vacation, I want to do something I can't do at home.

I guess that is the crux of the issue. Elizabeth's idea of a vacation is going somewhere to do nothing. My idea of the ideal vacation is to go somewhere to do everything.

Elizabeth S said...

That, my friends, is not a vacation. That is a trip.

Stephen Shirley said...

Then let's go on lots of trips. :)

Anonymous said...

A suggested compromise.
Go to Chesapeake Beach, MD which is just a short commute to Washington, DC. Elizabeth can relax on the beach and soak in the soothing sound of the waves and Stephen can drive in to DC and soak in the history.

LyttieAlysonLugin said...

BEACH BEACH BEACH and one more time BEACH!!!! You have to go to AM Island! BEAUTIFUL! You have to wait for the DC trip, when the kids are old enough to moan that THEY can't believe you think going there is a vacation. It will be educational for them! Sorry I am a Beach lover!

Signed Bill's mom

Mike Jones said...

Are you kidding? Beach!!!!! Althogh I would love to go to D.C. I wouldn't want to go there now with three little ones. They won't appreciate it or remember it anyways. The beach sounds awesome.