Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Off to Kinder Camp!

Claire and Jordan started their summer programs at school yesterday. Claire is going to Kinder Camp. It is a two week program that prepares her for Kindergarten. Although, she is so excited about school, she doesn't really need much preparing. She goes everyday for two weeks.

Jordan's program is called Summer Spectacular. They do all kinds of activities like cooking, art, drama, computers, etc. They will go on at least two field trips. He is really enjoying it.

I can't believe my kids are so big! The house was pretty quiet yesterday without them at home with Luke and me. Jordan and Claire are both pretty constant talkers, so it was nice for the first little bit, but after a while it was too quiet. Luke took a really good nap, though. He doesn't usually do that when they are home. I guess we will have to get used to it being the two of us. I am actually looking forward to it. When Jordan was Luke's age, I was 3 months away from having Claire. While I enjoyed my babies, I didn't get to really pay attention to every little thing they did because I had two babies at different stages and it was hard to be everywhere at once. I am looking forward to being with Luke by himself because I will get to enjoy all the things I feel like I missed out on with Jordan and Claire.

Take time today to count your blessings; I know mine are many!

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Malia said...

That's one of the advantages in the age difference of my kids. I got to pay a lot of attention to my son early on since my daughter was in preschool and then Kindergarten during his first year.