Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I will be dealing with my two addictions today: Carbonated beverages and the internet.

I love coke/diet coke. I tried to quit drinking coke and switched to diet coke, but I really just like "fizzy drinks." I know they are bad for me. I haven't had one in two days. I am going to my friend's house this morning and she always offers me one, but today I will have to say no. It will be hard.

The other thing I have to be careful of is my time surfing the web. Or I guess I should say surfing blogs. I love to read about other people's lives. Especially other moms. But I lose track of the time when I am on here. I could spend hours, literally. So, today, once I go to my friend's house, I am going to try not to turn it back on. My kids only have three more days out of school, and I really need to play with them. I want to play with them. They are showing signs of craving family time/attention. So, that is my plan. I will probably check e-mail because I am waiting on confirmation for my plans for tomorrow, but other than that...

I hope everyone has a great day. The forecast is "Sunny with a high of 75". If you don't know the song, that didn't make sense. See ya!


Stephen Shirley said...

Relient K rocks.

elizabeth said...

We are a lot alike...we even have the same addictions! Thanks for the reminder that I need to limit my computer time. Why does the blog world captivate me so?!

Laurie said...

Hey girl,
It is because you meet new friends out here who love you for who you are and we have addictions too:) I have a coke addiction too, but it is a 45 year old memoriabilia (I knew I'd get red-lined for spelling that).collection. Signs, clocks, 36" big red button signs and all other sizes, anything coke, I try to have it. The house is a museum with no wall space left!! Ebay is my friend:)
I know you are taking a break and this is good, me too. But my grandson is napping right now and this is better than mindless TV for me. Besides, I was missing you.
Have a great rest of the week with the kids and hubby and enjoy the blessings.
Love you, Laurie
PS. You two make me smile:)

Becky said...

Hey I want to hang out with you guys on Friday. We should go to the park and have a picnic lunch or something. Maybe it will be long sleeve weather.