Monday, October 08, 2007

It really is magic!

My friend Tamara gave me a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser last night. I have been seeing them forever on TV but just never thought they would work because most things on TV don't. Anyway, I tried it in two places that have been driving me crazy because I couldn't get anything to work on them. One of them was my front door. It is white and metal, and I had tried everything to get scuffs and fingerprints off of it. Yes, the magic eraser took the marks right off without any scrubbing. The other place was beside my dishwasher on the wall. I used to have one of those dry erase boards with the magnet on the back on my dishwasher so Luke could draw there. Well, he drew on the red wall with a black dry erase marker. I couldn't get it off with anything, and the eraser worked there, too! It took a little more scrubbing than the front door, but hey, it worked!! At first I was worried because when I looked at the eraser, it had red on it and I thought, "Great. It is taking the paint off!!!" But it didn't. Not that you can see anyway. I am thrilled!


Will's mom said...

I LOVE those things. They are wonderful! I have just recently realized that you can use them several times ( of course not if you use it on something really gross) but on scuff marks, etc.
LOVE the new kitchen floor!
I still have those 2 bags of clothing for Luke, if you are interested. It's a whole bunch of 3 and 4 bluejeans and long sleeved shirts. I have at least moved them to my car and out of the house. So just let me know. The pic of C.A. is precious!

jtcosby said...

You make me giggle!

Laurie said...

Hey Elizabeth, I am so glad you were the guinea pig for this one. I don't trust TV things either. But now I will pick one up at the store to clean off the mystery marks my grandson makes around here. You should go into commercials:) Hope you are having a good week with the kids.
They are all so cute and spirited in the pictures. You are blessed with 4 healthy little people. And my offer still holds anytime:)

Laurie in Ca. (qkteq) verification word down there to post. Where do they come up with these?

Mandy said...

I hadn't checked your blog lately - I'm going to put a link on mine so I'll check it more often...your kids are precious!!! I love all the pics that you had posted - and the pic of you is great too! You look really good! Your post about Stephen reffing to make more money..I completely understand where you are coming from. It's so hard because I love staying home with Ethan and Nina but sometimes I hold it against Mark that he gets to "leave" the house everyday - even if it is to work. I thank God that I am allowed to stay home with our kids, but sometimes it's hard - and not everyone understands why we complain about it. I understand where you are coming from though!! Hang in there!

Karen said...

thanks for commenting!:) I looked at your blog and your kids are too cute! have four...that's awesome! You may have found my blog though the Farley's. I don't know them personally but Boothe is very close friends with a couple of my cousins and I had been praying for them and occassionally posted a comment. Are you involved in anything around the 'Boro (mom's group, etc..)?? Thought maybe I might have have seen you around or may in the future...I'll keep checking in on you now that I know another blogger in the 'Boro!:D