Thursday, October 04, 2007


Obviously, I have changed the template for my blog. I was bored with the other one. And since I am not computer savvy, this is the only thing I knew how to do to update my look ;)

Changes are happening in my life. Most of them are too small for anyone but me to notice. But that is a good thing. They are personal and honestly, they are about me becoming more like Him. I feel like if I said what I was working on, it would be about me and what I can do, instead of being about Him and what He is doing through me. I want it to be just about Him. I don't know if that even makes any sense. O well.

We are having a good fall break. Today Jordan got to spend the whole day with our nephew, Tristan. They have had a ball. Tristan is spending the night with us tonight. Claire is feeling a little left out, being the only girl. Well, at least until Campbell can play. Right now, to Claire, Campbell is not a very fun sister. Right now, Claire is standing beside me telling me that she doesn't want to sleep in her room because in the mornings, Campbell makes noises and doesn't let her sleep. Sorry, girlie! I guess she better get used to it because we aren't moving any time soon. And for Luke, well Luke is two. All of two. He is so cute, I could just eat him up. But every once in a while, he gets a mean streak in him. Tonight, I heard Jordan saying, "Stop Luke! STOP LUKE!" I went upstairs and Jordan was lying in the floor and Luke was standing behind him kicking him in the head. Why? Who knows.

I am getting a new kitchen and bathroom floor tomorrow!!! I am so excited. We rent our house from my mother-in-law, and she graciously agreed to get us new floors since ours were in such bad shape. Not to mention u-g-l-y! Anyway, I love the one we picked out. It reminds me of the floor that used to be in my grandmother's kitchen.

Well, I think that is enough rambling for tonight. I am trying to get my thougts more organized and purposeful for this blog, but for now this will have to do. I hope everyone has a blessed night!


jtcosby said...

Love your new look! :) Glad you are having a good fall break! We had our first emergency room experience with an injury tonight...such fun! BUT, from beginning to end, it was only 2 hours! It was amazing!!! Landen is now officially glued.

Laurie said...

I like the new look too. The colors are soothing on the eyes and easy to read (this is good news for my eyes):) How are the new floors coming along? Home improvements are always a spirit booster, especially floors!!
Hope you have a great day today and be blessed.
PS. Easy with the dumbbells:)
Love you girl, Laurie

Stephen Shirley said...

"Easy with the dumbbells"

Made me laugh...