Monday, February 05, 2007

Please pray...

Stephen's grandmother, Patricia Shirley, otherwise known as MeMa, is in the hospital. She has been there since Friday and they really don't know what is wrong with her. She is having trouble breathing, very high heart rate, not really all there mentally. She had a surgery this morning to install a filter for a blood clot in her leg. She made it through the surgery, so right now we are just waiting for her to wake up from that to see how she is. It is really touch and go from here. Stephen and his brother left last night and have been at the hospital in Knoxville since about 3:30 this morning.

Stephen's parents divorced when he was 5 years old, and he spent a lot of time with his grandparents during this time. He has always been very close to them. MeMa and PaPa both have been a huge part of his life and mine since I have known them. They have been showing signs of slowing down for a while now, but you still never expect someone who has always been so vital to now be in the hospital. So anyway, please keep them in your prayers today. I will try to update as I have new information. Right now, I am just getting laundry done and things together in case I have to get the kids and head to Knoxville. All this has happened very fast, so it is hard to tell what will happen. Love you all.

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jtcosby said...

Praying! Love Tam