Thursday, August 16, 2007


When Stephen and I first got married, I worked at a credit union as a teller. I loved it. I was always good in math and I love working with numbers. People would come in from time to time for us to help balance their checkbook. I have always prided myself on being able to balance a checkbook to the penny. I can usually find errors with no problems. It thrills me when I am able to find something and see the balances match up. Weird, I know.

I went to Sonic the other day and went to use the check card. It was declined. WHAT?!? I went home and got on the online banking program. I couldn't tell what was coming out the next day, so I had to wait until today when everything cleared. I have gone back through two checkbook registers and found a couple of errors. I now have our checkbook balanced within $3.91 and it is driving me CRAZY that I can't find any other errors.

I think I may need therapy.


tamara cosby said...

What a pain! That doesn't sound like you...are you sure there aren't any of their errors?

Are we still on for tomorrow?

Rachel said...

I'm so bad. I haven't balanced a checkbook in atleast 4 years. Probably longer! I just check my statement online! :)

Elizabeth S said...

I do the online statement, too, but for some reason it didn't work this time.

Rachel said...

getting together sounds good. Are ya'll in murfreesboro?