Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fever's gone!

Well, Luke hasn't run a fever since Thursday night, so it looks like we are out of the woods. At least we are out of the contagious stage. His mouth still looks pretty bad, but the sores are going away. You can certainly tell he feels better. Thanks to everyone for checking on him.

In other news, we had family night last night. We went to rent a movie for the kids and then Jordan wanted to treat us to ice cream. So, we went to Sonic after the video store, but we decided that it was too hot to eat ice cream outside. The kids eat pretty slow, especially Luke, so we knew it would melt and be a huge mess. Then we thought about getting cones at McDonald's. So we drove to the one closest to our house. We unloaded the kids and got everyone inside only to find out their ice cream machine was broken. We loaded everyone back up and went to the next closest McD's and finally got our cones. It actually ended up being pretty fun.

Next Friday night we are having another family night because High School Musical 2 premiers! Claire is soooo excited. I am sure we will see lots of singing and dancing from her. She LOVES that movie! Sometimes she will put on the soundtrack and sing and do the dances to the whole thing. It is quite funny. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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tamara cosby said...

We are so doing the same thing Friday funny!