Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Day 6

I think his fever may have broken in the night. He is still asleep, so we'll see. I do know that I am exhausted between him not sleeping and Campbell not sleeping. Well, she has actually been doing better, but with Luke not sleeping I am up anyway, so it still feels like we are up all night. Anyway, hopefully today will be better. Stephen went back to work today, so pray for me that I will have patience to handle Luke; he has been acting out since he has been sick whenever I have to hold/feed Campbell. He tries to pull her out of my arms, or he just screams the whole time I have her. So frustrating. I know it is just because he feels bad; he is usually great with her.

I watched a video in YouTube this morning that was linked on another blog. I don't know to put a link to something on here, but the title was Lifehouse's Everything Skit. Definitely worth watching if you find it. Have a great day.

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