Monday, August 06, 2007

Poor Lukey

My little Lukey is sick. He has a virus, maybe hand-foot-mouth. He has been running a high fever since Friday. They said it should be gone by tomorrow at lunch time. He is miserable. His voice is scratchy, he has little blisters all around his mouth and his fever has been around 103-104. He is such a happy kid that he still tries to laugh and have fun, but you can tell he just feels awful. It is really hard for me because I can't just sit and hold him like I want to. Campbell is still refusing to take a bottle, so when I have to nurse her, Luke gets so upset because he wants me to hold him. It is hard. At least Jordan and Claire are in school now, so they are occupied. Stephen is coming home from work early today to help me. Pray that Campbell doesn't get sick. Pray that Luke gets well. Pray for rest. Thanks.

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tamara cosby said...

Do you want me to cook dinner and bring it to the front porch? I won't come in but I can cook!!! :) I love you!